Brave Witches – Petersburg Daisenryaku v2


v2 patch available here.

The Brave Witches OVA is out now.

(1080p NyaaPantsu | 1080p | 720p NyaaPantsu | 720p

NEW: The v2 release’s audio has been encoded as FLAC to make it higher quality and more in line with the previous BD releases. I would like to apologize for the previous audio quality and thank you all for the feedback.

OLD: Finally, the Eila (& Sanya) OVA is here! This release includes a “w/ Translator’s Notes” track which some of you might enjoy, so please try it out!

This is also the first 100% in-house production, so feel free to comment on the quality of the audio and video rip and encoding.

Expect a 720p version sometime later this week or early next week.

Oh, and one last thing, could someone out there make a party hard gif of Shimohara and the others around 13:45?

Until next time!


8 thoughts on “Brave Witches – Petersburg Daisenryaku v2

  1. Your choice of AAC LC was a poor one I’m afraid, audio is suffering across the board. Skip to ~02:00 which is during the main sequence of the OP, you can hear the music hitting the limit of your audio codec/profile. I’d recommend a re-encode ASAP, there’s really no need for this low quality.

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